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Thinking Out Loud About the Future of Identity in the Middle East

05/18/2016 - 7:30 am

Joseph Braude

Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute

Joseph BraudeHow do an Iraqi comic, an Algerian military recruitment video, and a musical sketch from the American TV show "Schoolhouse Rock" illuminate the defining challenge of Arab politics for a generation to come? From radicalism to reform, from post-colonial states to newly-minted caliphates – the Middle East’s contentious identity politics have both raised new challenges and revealed new opportunities. Using video footage from the region rarely seen outside the Middle East, Braude illuminates little-known but potentially significant developments that may give hope to a troubled region. Braude is a senior advisor to the Al Mesbar Center for Research and Studies, a reformist think tank in the UAE. He broadcasts weekly on Moroccan National Radio, and writes regularly for Arabic-language periodicals.


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